Spa & Wellness

Come and treat yourself to one of our relaxing massages. We have vrious options for total body care or more concentrated work for problem areas. You can have a massage in the confort of your own room or in our massage and spa room, beside the pool. Relaxing environment where you can retreat to its comfort:

• Tropical pool souranded by palms and khmer art
• Massage room pool side
• Khmer traditional massage


~ Khmer Relief                            60 minutes USD15.00 
Experience yourself in a Traditional Khmer way of therapeutic work based on the concept of invisible line and meridian’s energy running along the body organs. 

~ Khmer Herbal Body Scrub      60 minutes USD30.00 
Refine yourself in a a very natural way of rejuvenating formula passed down by Khmer ancient. This treatment will gently remove your dead cell away and only remain with moisturized and silky touch. The Khmer herbal ingredients will purity your skin and leave it smooth, supple an hydrated. 

~ Khmer Herbal Hot Compress  60 minutes USD25.00
The combination of Khmer herbs that are wrapped up in muslin by heated in a steamer and applied to the body in a specific mane. It’s effective to treat muscle pain, sprain and swell of sprain to improve circulation, relax muscles and stimulate nerve. 

~ Relaxing Aromatherapy         60 minutes USD20.00
In aromatherapy, a Type of healing to promoted physical, psychological and  spiritual well-being. The essential oils together with professional therapist to wash away your anxiety, relief muscles, improve blood circulation and immunity. 

~ Back Pain Reliever                 60 minutes USD25.00
Concentrated on your back, neck and shoulder with unique blended essential oils. It is an ideal treatment to relieve pain and improve circulation on your back.



~Foot Reflexology           60 minutes USD20.00
Organs in the body are stimulated by applying a deep pressure to reflex points on sole of your foot to restore and maintain body’s balance, promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, stimulate the senses and reinvigorate the body.

~ Calming Head               40 minute USD15.00
Soft fingers pressure in pressed to the scale through the hair’s roots to prevent hair losing, relieve headache and premature graving, improve memory, relax and sleep.

~ Hand & Foot Care 
* Color Refresh                     USD8.00
* Manicure                             USD10.00
* Pedicure                             USD10.00
* Fingernails Polishing        USD10.00
* Toenails Polishing             USD10.00
* Luxury Manicure               USD15.00
* Luxury Pedicure                USD15.00


Experience with our special spa package to release your stress, body tension, refresh your mind and soul with our professional therapists of Our Spa.

~Calming Delight               USD40.00
* Foot Reflexology             60 minutes
* Aromatherapy                 45 minutes
* Calming Head                  15 minutes

~ Soothing Delight             USD40.00
* Khmer Relief                    60 minutes
* Khmer Hot Compress      30 minutes
* Calming Head                  30 minutes

~ Museum’s Retual            USD40.00
* Aromatherapy                   60 minutes

* Khmer Herbal Scrub         40 minutes
* Calming Head                   20 minutes

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