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Take a trip of a lifetime to the world famous Angkor Temples! See the Bayon with its multi faced towers, Ta Prohm with the fabulous tree roots & Angkor Wat. It will be an amazing day.Built in the 12th century as a funerary Temple for Suryavaraman II; Angkor Wat has over 1 km of spectacular carvings and a vast labyrinth of passages, courtyards and the five lotus flower towers at its centre. Our tour takes you to this famous site and a selection of the best of Angkor!

At the centre of the great city of Angkor lies the Bayon Temple. It has 52 towers with the huge serene faces of the Jayavarman VII. To the north is the great plaza adjoining 300 metre long Elephant terrace, which must have been a spectacular meeting place 800 years ago. Behind this are the ruins of the Royal Palace & the Phiminakas pyramid. Ta Prohm “This huge temple complex looks much the same as when it was first discovered. The high lichen coveredwalls are distorted by the movement of the earth beneath. 800 years of history lie twisted and broken, with sinister root systems of huge trees enveloping doors and windows in a stranglehold. The distinction between organic and non- organic becomes blurred in the green pallor of light from the jungle canopy.”

I wrote this after my first visit in 2002. Ta Prohm and the temples have changed a lot in the last few years and visitor numbers have increased. In spite of this; Ta Prohm is one of the Wonders of Cambodia and is justifiably near the top of places to see here!

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